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Bar Homes secures private and commercial facilities all year long and across the country using complete discretion.

Private Security Contractors in Israel

BHS Security specializes in providing advanced security solutions and services.

We offer a vast variety of services including personal protection,
securing prestigious events, safe transport and surveillance of private homes and sites.

By analyzing all possible risks at any given situation,
we are able to provide the best immediate solution for each of our clients.

BHS Security was founded by, managed and made up of IDF Elite Forces and the Israeli Secret Services personnel.  Our team members are all without exception Israel Navy Seals, Sayeret Matkal, “Shin Bet” and the “Mossad”.

BHS Security

Worldwide Exposure

Former Elite Israeli Soldiers

Battlefield Experts

Classified Tactics





VIP Services
Surveillance and devoted attention to every detail
Customized Travel
Making your touring safe and secure
Comprehensive Security Solutions

Our Services

Personal Security

BHS Security provides each of its clients the most suitable security solutions and services, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, discretion and risk analysis. We secure politicians and diplomats, provide personal protection for executives and businessmen, VIPs and celebrities, families and individuals worldwide.

Event Security

BHS specializes in securing exclusive events: private and corporate–ranging from intimate to high profile productions. BHS gives a versatile and immediate response to any of its Clients’ demands. We have experience with a wide range of situations involving crowds, media and varied threats, allowing us to be the best in the service we provide.

Securing Facilities

BHS secures Residential and commercial facilities all year long and across the country, while keeping absolute discretion.  We create customized surveillance solutions for each individual project through design, coordination, supervision and execution with emphasis on professionalism and accuracy always.

Security Consulting and Advisory

BHS provides consulting and advisory services for institutions, businesses, private homes, different groups and individuals across the world. Our knowledge is based on years of experience in the Israeli Secret Service. We guarantee to provide the best safety and protection solutions for any of our Clients’ needs.

Some Of Our Clients

  • Thank you for all your great help and wonderful organization, on our first trip to Israel. It has been an amazing trip and we will never forget it.

    Richard & veronica
  • I want to thank you for your great hospitality and expertise of Bar Homes Security, on our recent visit to Israel. Your security team was excellent, polite and made us feel like they couldn't do enough for us. I will recommend the company!

  • To our BH Security team, thanks for an excellent job! You are well recommended. Shalom! The D. Family

    The D Family
  • To Gabriel and Yechiel, You did an excellent job under very stressful circumstances. It was a busy and complex schedule. You did all of it in the most professional and still relaxed way. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs assistance. You're the best. Sincerely, Rudy Giuliani Former Mayor of New York City

    Mr Rudy Giuliani Former Mayor of New York City

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