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Unlike many catch phrases, which their popularity compensates, for their lack of accuracy and importance, “Safety comes first” is an expression that will never lose its vitality and relevance. The first thing that should come to mind upon traveling to Israel is the need for personal security. In a country that has seen one too many tumultuous security challenges and internal threats, you want to make the well-being of you and those accompanying you on your trip of first priority. You want to be able to enjoy your trip, and feel secure at all times with VIP security service. This is precisely what we at Bar Homes Security will provide you.

Why Choose Our Personal Security Services?

All members of the BHS personal security team are either former or active soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force’s most elite units, including the Israeli Navy Seals, Shaldag, and Duvdevan. These men were specifically chosen as they are trained and experienced in hand to hand and close quarters combat, as well as close protection services.

The proficiency of personal security is nothing new to Israel and so we provide professional and reliable security services. Our security team leaders take into account the specific security concerns and challenges of each and every security task, and will thus secure you with customized security services tailored to your needs and demands.

Many world leaders, politicians, business people, celebrities, and travelers have benefited from the protection and dedication of BHS.

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If you are traveling to Israel and would like to ensure the personal security of yourself and your traveling companions, our security coordinators and team leaders will gladly assist you, answer all of your questions, and provide valuable security consultation.

We guarantee your protection as you enjoy our VIP security services. Contact us by clicking here.

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