Safe transport is an essential aspect of nearly every Executive Protection detail. It is not uncommon for a principle to spend more time on the road than any other occupation.
Safety, comfort and efficiency are therefore vital aspects when chauffeuring busy-CEO’s, celebrities on tour or families looking to maximize their time during their vacation.

What we offer:

If you are looking to get from A to B in the safest, most comfortable fashion, then you have come to the right place. We offer an array of armored vehicles, from low-profile versions to deluxe SUV’s. Armored vehicles provide protection against a variety of threats, however the most important factor remains the driver itself. Our drivers are experienced security drivers that understand the importance of comfort and safety and most importantly are very familiar with Israeli (included West Bank) roads. There are numerous areas in Israel that are frequently visited by VIP’s and even tourist hotspots that are known to be targeted by civil unrest and terror attacks.


we consider your driver to be one of the most significant parts of your protection team. It is not uncommon for drivers in Israel to be assigned to projects without having been properly vetted prior. At BHS we believe otherwise. All our drivers have been vetted and hand-picked for each unique assignment.

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