The security situation in Israel is one of the most complex on earth. The itinerary of VIP’s visiting Israel often include places such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem as well as visiting various religious and cultural sites. The security situation, dress code and local culture can often vary dramatically in these locations. BHS close protection agents have the local knowledge and experience required to keep you safe in Israel’s diverse environments. Our Agents are fully licensed, armed and have extensive executive protection experience in Israel and the West Bank.

What we offer:

Our Close Protection Agents specialize in protecting people. Our clients are VIP’s looking to enjoy a vacation out of the spotlight, regular travelers looking for extra, yet non-intrusive security and CEO’s with tight schedules. We offer you our highly trained and capable Executive Protection agents that are fully dedicated to you and your safety. We are based out of Jerusalem and are intimately familiar with Israeli culture, roads, the security situation as well as the Hebrew language. Our local knowledge enables us to smoothen out your trip, sparing you from dealing with unnecessary burdens allowing you to enjoy your time and be productive. All of our agents are fully licensed and undergo year-round training in firearms, close protection, first aid and security driving. Our Advance Agents have successfully worked together with countless expat security teams in Jerusalem’s Old City, Tel Aviv’s High Tech scene as well as high-risk border area’s and the West-Bank.


Our biggest differentiator lays with our team. In the IDF Special Forces we like to say: “It’s not the unit that makes the people, it’s the people that make the unit”. We have adopted this mantra. In Israel “Hard skills” such as Krav Maga and high-level firearms training are a must, yet soft skills and emotional intelligence are what sets us apart the most.

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