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Intelligence is knowledge and knowledge is power. Ex-Government EP agents will know that one of the biggest challenges in transferring from Governmental Dignitary Protection Units to Private/Corporate Executive Protection is dealing with the lack of intelligence. It can feel like the equivalent of providing close protection, but blindfolded and with your hands tied behind your back. At BHS the intelligence aspect of physical security plays a key role in each and every project. Our analysts in our back office will be of support to every project by providing the agents on the ground with critical real time security updates.

What we offer:

The security situation in Israel can be complex to say the least. Having served in Special Operations (IDF, Police) & Dignitary Protection Units we have experienced the true value of intelligence on the ground and potential consequences of the lack of it. At BHS we maintain a desk of specialized OSINT analysts that are divided into two wings: Operational OSINT – OSINT Reports.

The goal of the Operational analysts is to support our agents on the ground with potentially lifesaving information. As any seasoned Executive Protection

Agent knows there is little to no time to be on the phone scanning for relevant security updates during a detail. Our OSINT analysts are deeply familiar with the security dynamics in Israel and receive on the minute information from both open source as well as government agencies and the Israel National Police.

OSINT Reports
Whether requesting an ad-hoc report on the security situation in Israel prior to your principle’s arrival or for an insider perspective concentrated in daily, weekly, monthly reports. Our OSINT reports will provide a full and accurate picture on the security situation on the ground and its implications.


Our OSINT capabilities allow you to get unprecedented access into the security updates and advisory in Israel. We have direct access to real time, official and unofficial security sources in Hebrew that are otherwise not available or at least not immediately available in the English language. Being able to receive on-the-minute advisory regarding civil-unrest or terror attacks in Jerusalem’s Old-City or being advised to conduct an urgent evacuation from Israel prior to the airport being shut down (this happened during Operation Protecive Edge following rocket fire into Israel). This has proven to be priceless to those who really care to be a step ahead. We look forward to being your “eyes and ears” on the ground in Israel.

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