Israel’s security situation is known to be one of the most complex on earth. At the same time Israel has become a popular destination for luxurious vacations, corporate trips and International summits. Being able to understand the risk in Israel has proven highly valuable to boutique tour agencies, project managers, risk management firms and the likes.

What we offer:

We offer two types of Risk Assessments:

  • Targeted Risk Assessments: Based on specific requests
  • Risk Analyses & Advisory: daily, weekly, monthly

The targeted risk assessment provides you a highly tailored assessment of risk, threat and vulnerability of persons, private residences, commercial buildings, & travels in Israel.

We offer a daily, weekly or monthly risk assessment & advisory that provides you with an unprecedented “insiders” perspective into the security situation in Israel. Safe travel, International risk advisories and global corporations all require information that allows them to make critical decisions regarding the safety of their clients, assets and interests.


We offer you unprecedented access to security reports from a variety of sources. Our Risk Assessment specialists receive a continuous flow of critical, on the minute security updates that in turn supports clients from all around the globe. We specialize in Israel & the West Bank and have direct access to both Hebrew & Arabic language security updates, OSINT, Police & Government security services updates.

Being able to distinguish the sound from the noise has proven critical to the safety of client interests, assets and travels in Israel. Our Risk Assessment teams are graduates of accredited anti-terrorism programs at colleges and universities in Israel. Their knowledge paired with an intimate understanding of the realities on the ground in Israel enables the BHS Risk Analysis team to provide a complete and in-depth presentation of Risk.

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