Since the State of Israel was created it has dealt with terrorism on a near daily basis, non-stop. Fast forward to today, little has changed. The Israeli security establishment has been extremely successful in preventing and mitigating terror attacks in Israel. In our opinion, one of the most important aspects of this policy has been Israel’s ability to thrive whilst facing unprecedented security threats. Israel’s dynamic security methodologies have enabled the its economy, culture, tourism and entire society to thrive. We derive our security philosophy from this phenomenon. If society can thrive in all aspects while facing a dire security threat, then we believe the same can be done at the level of a family residence, commercial asset or executive protection program.

What we offer:

We believe that the most important aspect of solving problems starts with the ability to “listen”, in this case, to you our client. We seek to fully understand what you are seeking to achieve and accordingly tailor a plan fit for your needs. “A problem cannot be solved without first being properly defined”. The methodologies which we endorse and apply have successfully enabled private, commercial and government assets to function and thrive while effectively mitigating/minimizing risk.


Our biggest differentiator is our ability to “adapt”. We apply proven Israeli security methodologies and tailor them to your reality, environment and culture. Our goal is to find the “sweet spot” between security and an unhindered routine so that you and your asset can continue to be productive and successful.

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