Undercover security is ideal for principles seeking to maintain a low-profile. The undercover aspect allows the principle to enjoy maximum freedom while simultaneously being protected by an Executive Protection team that has blended into the environment. Undercover security forms an excellent complement to more traditional “overt” executive protection by serving as an additional set of eyes and ears around the principle. Important note: Israeli society is very accustomed to security, meaning even plain clothes security personnel are easily identified by civilians. This is where we step in.

What we offer:

The BHS undercover team derives its core experience in undercover security from government security agencies as well as IDF undercover units such as portrayed in FAUDA. Each Undercover team member has undergone extensive training that focuses on adapting previous experience to the unique needs and environments of the private & corporate sector. Our team is closely familiar with the various cultures in Israel and is able to provide 360 degree security in even the most diverse and challenging of environments.


Undercover security is not just a matter of changing clothing or wearing a fancy earpiece. It is a matter of mindset and complete dedication to the security of the principle without attracting attention. Our undercover team has successfully secured numerous high net worth individuals, Government Officials, celebrities and families in places such as the Old City of Jerusalem, the West-Bank and even at galas in fancy event venues packed with paparazzi.

Undercover security is our preferred method of operating in Israel. It provides a great balance between security and freedom.

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